5 Reasons Why Booking with a Travel Agent Beats Booking Online

What’s Better? Booking with a Travel Agent vs. Booking Online

Online travel booking has become a popular method of scheduling corporate trips and personal vacations. With an abundance of easy-to-use websites and apps to choose from, this new resource has enabled many to become their own travel agent. However, despite its rise in popularity, online booking may not be the best choice for planning corporate or personal travels.

Travel agents have the ability to offer clients incredible savings, upgrades, services, and resources that online booking cannot match. While there are benefits to both online booking and travel agencies, here are 5 significant benefits that a travel agent can offer over online booking.

What's Better? Booking with a Travel Agent vs. Booking Online

1. Savings and Discounts

Good deals can be found easily on sites like Expedia, Travelocity, and Kayak. But unknown to most travelers, booking through a travel agency can actually cost less. Online booking gives you the current ticket price while you are viewing your options. Unless you book right then, you may miss out on that great price. Travel agents are there to always get you the best price, doing all the research needed to find terrific deals for you. These agents also have access to promotional offers and exclusive deals that are not available through online booking.

2. Upgrades and Perks

Agencies can often offer special services or VIP treatments for hotels, airlines, and restaurants that you won’t get from booking yourself. Travel agents book corporate, personal, and vacation travel plans for thousands of clients, giving them insight into which airlines and venues offer the best perks and upgrades. When given a budget travel agencies can often book travelers a nicer trip or exciting upgrades — how does First Class sound? All for at or under budget.

3. Personal Service, 24/7

Travel agencies not only schedule and book your flight, but they are also able to build a full itinerary for your trip. With years of experience, travel agents can give recommendations for different hotels with varying prices and locations. They can also recommend and book tours, ground transportation, restaurants, entertainment, and more.

Along with personalized recommendations, travel agencies are available before, during, and after your trip to answer any questions or address any problems. Need a last minute itinerary change? Just sit back and let your expert travel consultant handle the details.

4. Industry Knowledge and Resources

Travel agents have years of experience and resources, giving them access to special resources that you can’t get from booking online. Travel agents often have an easier time cancelling or changing a flight or reservation without demanding any extra fees. They also know the best airlines, hotels, and restaurants to meet your travel needs.

Most travel agents have resources that allow travelers to view their full travel itinerary online. Anything you need for your trip is right at your fingertips. Some of these online resources include:

  • Full itinerary details

  • Flight tracking and updates

  • Travel warnings

  • Currency conversion

  • Directions and destination information

5. Stress and Time Savings

Planning and booking a full trip can take hours. Hours that could be spent meeting with clients, making sales, or even spending time with family. Whether you go on one or several trips a year, it is no secret that trip planning takes time, and hiring a travel agent can save you hours of research, shopping, and planning.

In the end, not only can a travel agent save you valuable time and money, they can also offer you the personalized experience you want; an experience that online booking just can’t give you.

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