The Benefits Of Being An Experienced Professional Travel Consultant

The Benefits Of Being An Experienced Professional Travel Consultant

The benefits of being an experienced professional travel consultant, definitely has it’s lifestyle  perks. Let me help you understand why you are in such demand.

What kinds of advice do your clients most want from you?
According to a recent survey by American Society of Travel Agents, more than half of leisure travelers who used an agent said their vacations were better than trips they had booked without agent assistance.

Lodging is the number one travel product that consumers want help with! For your clients, finding the perfect hotel is hard to do. There are so many choices. People know that Internet research or guidebooks won’t necessarily provide the answers they need.

Consumers have realized that to figure out their own lodging is a tricky business, hence they need your help! That’s where YOU come in.

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The Experienced Professional YOU vs The Internet?

These days, the accessibility and influence of the Internet forces agents to do more than simply complete transactions. Being an experienced professional Travel Consultant helps you build the skills and insights that add real value for your clients.

Imagine the frustration of a customer that books an EP when an AI would be a better fit and value. Once again, an Internet search does not provide the personal attention and experience for such details. Offering this kind of value means that they’re more likely to turn to you, and not an Internet search engine, in the future.

In Conclusion:

If you can add real value to your clients, you will encourage them to use your services, rather than doing it themselves. Smaller gestures can also demonstrate your value. How good are you at the “little things” that make a difference to clients, especially when it comes to lodging?

An experienced professional travel consultant is better than a Website for these 5 reasons:

1. Savings and Discounts

2. Upgrades and Perks

3. Personal Service, 24/7

4. Industry Knowledge and Resources

5. Stress and Time Savings

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