December 8, 2015


Steve Maduro

The story of my journey as an entrepreneur starts at an early age, as I learned my first lessons from my mother. As a single parent, she worked hard to raise me, and brought me up to value hard work, integrity, and compassion for others. I dropped out of college, as I found it just wasn’t for me, and soon worked my way up as a blue-collar employee to earn upwards of $100,000 a year- but I still felt like there was something missing.

Around ten years ago, I discovered the power of entrepreneurship, and soon made my move to working online, part time for a five-figure salary- not bad for a part time job! My goal is to increase these earnings to seven figures- while taking some other people with me as well. I believe that my purpose is not only to make a success of myself, but also to help others achieve the greatness that I know lies within them.

I was first drawn to the travel industry five years ago, because of its status as the biggest industry in the world. But TRAVEL as we know it has drastically changed. Currently worth $8 trillion a year, and previously predicted by experts to double in the next decade, I knew that I wanted a piece of the action. Having succeeded in my aim, my sights then turned to those lower down the ladder. During this Covid-19 Pandemic, my #2 “Work From Home Opportunity” has skyrocketed due to “Supply and Demand.”Many people find themselves out of work, unemployed or underemployed and we have the solution to protect, repair and/or maintain their good name and delicate credit-worthiness. As I said earlier, my mother taught me from an early age to always work to help others less fortunate than me, which is why I want to share what I’ve learned on my entrepreneurial journey with you.

For the next 15 months, myself and my team will be working with anyone who is interested, to provide them with a bigger income than they ever imagined. This might seem like a bold statement, but by carefully following my program, it’s possible for anyone, from stay-at-home parents to seasoned business experts, to achieve success beyond their wildest dreams. We’ve climbed the leaderboard to the #34 on the Top 50 Income Earner List, with our sights set on the Top 10! Come to us with an open mind, and you’ll see that anything is possible to them that BELIEVE!

Thanks again for stopping by. By connecting with me, you’ll gain access to an income you never imagined, and help other people to change their lives as well. I greatly look forward to working with you to become a successful entrepreneur– I’m always here to help!

Connect with me, let’s help some average people earn above average Income and help ordinary people live Extraordinary Lives….On purpose….

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