The Core 3 Concept

First, The 4 Core Values For Network Marketing Success

1. Belief in the Company – Does the Company have the structure to take you and your business partners to the next level?

2. Belief in the Product – Would you sell this product to your Mom, Grandmother with “conviction”?

3. Belief in Network Marketing – How does the way the MLM Industry is portrayed, affect your activities? Your beliefs?

4. Belief in Yourself – Do you Truly believe that you can achieve Freedom and if so, to what extent?


Success and Longevity starts with the 4 core values above but there is also a “Core 3 Concept” that will help you reach success.

It will also fill the need to check your progression towards success and validate the rate you are are moving.

Questions to ask yourself:

#1. Who are your core 3 Leaders? You must have 3 leaders…

#1 _____________ Who are their core 3 leaders? #1___________ #2 ____________ #3 ______________

#2 _____________ Who are their core 3 leaders? #1___________ #2 ____________ #3 ______________

#3 _____________ Who are their core 3 leaders? #1___________ #2 ____________ #3 ______________

Action Plan…

We strongly suggest that you write out this chart for our conversation since it is a commonality of “top earners”.

An immediate evaluation of this concept will identify the correct path to success, in addition, it will confirm the need for a corrective plan of action.

Furthermore, this Concept has been widely used by many top earners and should be the exact science to YOUR next level. Let’s not try to change the facts, instead let’s embrace the facts which are that top earners have a strong “Core 3″….

We are in search of those that desire to develop a  strong “Core 3″….

Let’s Schedule some time to talk about the Core 3 Concept….

Your Partners in Success,

Steve and Kim Maduro

P.S. We have some amazing opportunities in our possession for 2017, most importantly let’s capture all of them!

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