Do You Know The Different Tiers of Hotel Lodging?

Understanding the Different Tiers of Hotel Lodging Tiers of Lodging

Many systems exist for classifying hotel lodging tiers. None of them have truly rigid definitions or are universally accepted. In this tutorial, we’ll use Smith Travel Research (STR) Global’s classification system. Please note some brands may fall into different tiers depending on the hotel’s location in the world.

Luxury –

Luxury lodging has the following features:

  • Very high reputation and quality
  • Prime locations
  • Distinguished architecture, artwork and design (sometimes they are historic structures)
  • Superior service and staff
  • Numerous and luxurious facilities and amenities
  • Fine dining and 24–hour room service
  • Spacious, beautifully furnished rooms
  • Superior linens, finishes and materials
Upper Upscale –

Upper Upscale lodging has the following features:

  • Well–known, high–quality brands
  • Very convenient, often strategic locations
  • Attractive architecture, artwork, and sometimes dramatic design
  • Very professional service and staff
  • Many amenities and facilities
  • Quality dining
  • Large, comfortable rooms with top of the line furnishings
  • High–quality linens, finishes and materials
Upscale –

Clients can expect the following from Upscale lodging:

  • Very good quality and value
  • Convenient locations
  • Pleasant, often homelike or stylish architecture
  • Friendly and attentive staff
  • Good range of amenities and facilities
  • Pleasant dining in and/or near the hotel
  • Standard–sized, comfortable rooms
  • Quality linens and materials
Upper Midscale –

Upper Midscale lodging has the following features:

  • Simple, pleasant accomodations
  • Very good value
  • Convenient, often roadside or suburban locations
  • Simple, nice appearance, frequently with similar look and design for most properties
  • Helpful staff
  • Limited range of amenities and facilities
  • Dining usually limited, but often convenient to family dining and fast food
  • Standard–sized, nice rooms; but all–suite lodging in this category is spacious
  • Good linens and materials
Midscale –

The features of Midscale lodging are:

  • Simple, low–priced
  • Basic, sometimes older properties; often two– or three–story buildings
  • Adequately staffed
  • Few amenities, facilities and extras
  • Limited dining, perhaps simple breakfast included; family dining and fast food nearby
  • Adequate–sized rooms, with modest materials and furnishings, and average–quality linens
Economy –

Here’s what clients can expect from Economy lodging:

  • Simple, clean, no–frill, low–priced
  • Limited staff and hours
  • Basic amenities and facilities
  • Rarely have on–site dining; some nearby
  • Very modest–sized rooms, with basic materials and linens

Another key differentiation is whether lodging is Full Service or Select Service, therefore please note, there are no set definitions. Any discussion , in terms of Lodging is about what you can typically expect).

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