March 6, 2018

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Welcome to the TEAM! Here are some Questions and Answers that will help you reach SUCCESS!

Q: I am EXCITED…What do I do first?

A: Create your list! Without any filters, create a list of people that you know by name and phone number…a minimum of 100 to start…the bigger your list, the bigger your business!

Q: I want a better understanding of this Industry? What should I READ?
A:  Your First Year in Network Marketing – This is a “Must Read” for everyone in this Industry! Also read one chapter per week of Eric Worre’s GoPRO<–download

Q: How do I Grade my list of at least 100 names? (the bigger the list, the better)
(50 Potential Partners / 50 Potential Customers)
A: Click here to learn how to Grade your list.

Q: I have finished my list, graded my list, now I am ready to have my business meetings. How soon should I schedule them?
A: The first 30-40 days is VITAL to your SUCCESS, Click Here to see the BEST WAY to Launch your business.    

Q: Should I just have one Travel Launch Party or Call?
A: It is best to schedule 4 in the next 4 weeks…It could be any combination of Launch calls, Webinars, or Travel Launch Parties.
Example: (each with 5 or more of your most qualified Guests)
Week #1 = Launch call
Week #2 = Launch Party
Week #3 = Webinar
Week #4 = Launch call 

Q: Who do I Invite?
A: Click here for the Best Answer. *downloading dropbox is optional*

Q: I have plenty of people in my circle but don’t know what to say, are there any scripts?
A: There are tons of scripts, use them without sounding “scripted” when inviting your guests.
1. Get the Scripts here
*downloading dropbox is optional*

2. Get additional PS3 Cheat Sheet Here- {P}Pique interest {S}Show the Plan {3}3 Way Call 

3. Even More Scripts                                                                                                                                

Q: What should I say when People ask me about my business?
A: Here is a sample “Elevator speech”

I can show you how to save money. Save thousands on your taxes and if you share the program with others, my company will pay you, THIS WEEK! Why would anyone want to throw money away for no reason at all? So let me ask you, (a) do you make all the money in the world that you need? Or (b) Do you plan on making money at all this year? (Then take it from there!)”

Magic Question: “How close are you to retiring” …You will be surprised that most people have no answer! Use that as your conversation starter…

Q: What are some of the things I can say to people to pique their interest?
A: Take a look at these “Power Phrases and Questions” (doesn’t have to be word for word) *downloading dropbox is optional*

Q: Is there any training on how to do a proper 3 way call?
A: There are 2 videos that we recommend. The first will teach you how to edify the expert that will complete your 3 way call. The second video is in depth training from a previous training and should be mastered for great results:
Click here for: Video #1
Click here for: Video #2

Q: What videos can I use to Pique Interest?
A: 👉🏽 24 Hour Pique Interest Video


Q: I have a few objections that seem to come up often, Why do people like what they see but don’t get started?
(I SAY:Thats the least of your concerns, you didn’t understand everything on the first day of your job. The difference here is you’re gonna actually Earn while you Learn, Does that make sense to you?)
DON’T BELIEVE (I SAY: This is normally a negative person, talking “he say she say”… about how something like this didn’t work for them. I just tell this person to do their due your due diligence.The company has REAL SERVICES and OPPORTUNITIES that answer REAL NEEDS) Tell stories of your peers and/or stories of some of our amazing leaders! (another reason the calls, meetings and big events are learn the stories)
DON’T HAVE THE TIME (I SAY: I always tell them that’s a false statement. We all have 24 hours in a day but it’s what you’re doing with the time that makes the difference. If you don’t have the time, then more than likely you are 100% responsible for income. If you think you’re too busy, try adding 20 people to help you generate income, I bet you’ll be less busy then. Moral of the story is,  if I can help you build a business and let’s say 6 people were helping you generate income, would you have more time?)
DON’T HAVE THE MONEY ( I SAY: Don’t ever let the lack of money stop you from making money, if $199.95 is already an issue in your life and your over 18 years old… I lovingly and respectfully say there is a Major Problem in your Life and we need to fix it. If Not YOU to FIX it then WHO ? if not NOW, then WHEN ? and if not THIS…then WHAT?)


??Natural Selling to Anyone Link?? (online, offline prospecting script manual)
(This is a part of a series for an upcoming proprietary training, please do not share outside of our team)

Download the Natural Selling Technique PDF by  Michael Oliver here 

Click here for the script for situations when “cold market potential business partners” send you their information:

Cold Market Lead Script #1

Additional Cold Market Script #2

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Steve Maduro – 210.262.1688 




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