What Makes Me The Best Travel Agent For My Client?

Enhancing The Customer Experience:

How I Personally Add Value and Be the Best Travel Agent for my client?
I learned early on in my travel career, if you can add real value to your clients, you will encourage them to use your services, rather than doing it themselves. Smaller gestures can also demonstrate your value. How good are you at the “little things” that make a difference to clients, especially when it comes to lodging? The best travel agents in the industry know this!
For example:
“It’s all about doing little things that a client would not have thought to do themselves.
  • If my client is not a member of a hotel’s frequent guest program, I offer to sign them up.
  • I provide my clients a map that shows the location of their hotel and suggest local things to do.
  • I inform the hotel of my client’s special requests (e.g., foam pillows, king–size bed).
  • I make sure the hotel has my clients’ frequent–stay and frequent–flyer numbers on their reservation.
  • I alert the hotel if my client is celebrating a special event, like a honeymoon.

“I find that clients really appreciate receiving information about their hotels to help them plan their trip.

I provide my clients with a list of all the hotels at which they will stay, with contact information for their friends and family.


I alert the hotel if my client is celebrating a special event, such as a honeymoon

Best Travel Agent

Scape Park, Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

I print a description of the hotel(s) I’m recommending for my client, using an industry source like STAR Service Online.”

My Client’s Needs Are Important!

“I think it’s important to consider each client’s particular needs, and also to keep the lines of communication open.

  • For major trips, I communicate at least once during his/her trip to find out if all is well.
  • I look for alternatives that may better serve my client’s needs, such as a concierge floor, an all–suite hotel or a select–service property.
  • One thing my clients really value is the knowledge that they can contact me any time if they have a problem or if something goes wrong.
  • I check to that ensure business travelers are compliant with their company’s travel policy, therefore they enjoy a worry-free experience.”

Best Travel Agent Facts:

According to The Cornell Hospitality Program, 26% of hotel reservations in the US come from professional travel consultancies (about half from traditional; half from online agencies). And hotel reservations make up what percentage of an agency’s revenues? According to Travel Weekly’s Travel Industry Survey, hotel reservations account for only about 14% of agency revenues.

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