Travel Agent Tips: Understanding Hotel Brands & Ratings

Hotel Brands & Ratings: Quality Control In The World of Lodging A number of factors determine client satisfaction with any product. One of these is consistency within a brand. In the lodging industry, a “brand” is a hotel chain where groups of properties share their name, operational standards, procedures, and reservation system. Ideally, a hotel Read more about Travel Agent Tips: Understanding Hotel Brands & Ratings[…]

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Hotel Brands and Ratings

Understanding Hotel Brands and Ratings In most countries, there is no standard for “Five–Star.” It’s so subjective, because every hotel can call itself a “Five–Star” and every dining experience “superb.” Many of your clients think hotel ratings as standardized, however you know better. Therefore, to sort through hotel ratings your clients may cite, you should Read more about Hotel Brands and Ratings[…]

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