The 8 Step Approach to Going Deep Into Your Warm Market (without it being weird)

Today we have a question from Michelle:

“Hi Matt! How can I approach people in my warm market who I haven’t been in contact with for a long time without it being weird or seeming like I’m just being friendly with them again just so I can sell them something after a few conversations?”

That’s a great question that I’m sure will open up a ton of doors for a lot of people.

Here’s how I handle it. It’s one of my pet peeves, when someone calls me and says, “Hey Matt! I was just calling to catch up.”

And we catch up for a few minutes and then all of the sudden they want to pitch me their business or they want to talk about something else when in the beginning they said they just wanted to catch up.

So my advice here when contacting deep into your warm market is just be authentic! If you’re intention is not to call them and rebuild a relationship, don’t call them and tell them you just want to catch up with them.

Some trainers say to warm them up for a few weeks and then show them the business. My opinion is that’s coming from a place of being inauthentic. You don’t really care about renewing the relationship and all that, you just want to get them in your business. So just be honest, be upfront, and realize you’ve got absolutely nothing to lose and everything in the world to gain.

In fact, based on my experience, there are people in your warm market that you haven’t talked to in years that are going to join your opportunity.

Never be inauthentic, always be authentic and open.

Here is the process: The 8 Step Approach to Going Deep Into Your Warm Market

1. Give them a sincere and authentic compliment
2. Go right into it and say something like this is a total crazy shot in the dark but…
3. Just started a new business
4. Company is growing like crazy
5. We can’t bring people on fast enough
6. And was just calling you because X (insert another sincere compliment) to see if you’re open minded to take a look at our business model
7. Set up a meeting for coffee or something else where you can meet in person
8. If they’re not in your area, use the tools your company provides to present your business

So Michelle, thanks for the question. Follow this 8 step approach to going deep into your warm market and watch your recruiting efforts explode!

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