How Travel Agents Make Their Money


It’s common for a consumer to assume that a travel agent is going to be super pricey – but the fact is:


Who knew, right?

In fact, travel agents earn their commission through vendors. For example, travel suppliers or vendors (i.e., Royal Caribbean, Marriott, Club Med, Disney, etc.) pays your travel agent out of their share of the price.

So, you can either give those trillion-dollar travel businesses even MORE money, or you can kindly help them share it with someone special…like your travel agent who worked hard to get you the best deals, best hotels and best flights available for your vacation.

For GPS Agents: How You Make Your Commission

Global Platinum Service Travel Agents have an advantage. They’ve got an edge on their competition. They are given the tools, educational resources and vendor/supplier connections like no other at-home travel agency can offer.

When you’re a GPS Agent, you’ve basically joined forces with a travel powerhouse.

Here’s how your commission structure works:

  • A commission from suppliers/vendors to GPS is typically between 8%-28%       (sometimes more!)
  • GPS Agents will receive between 70%-100% of that commission on the travel they sell
  • THAT’S IT!!!

Need a visual? Here are two examples:

Your sister buys a family vacation for three: $2,800

GPS commission at 14%: $392

Your commission at 70% of $392: $274.40

Your friend purchases a cruise for two: $2,500

GPS commission at 14%: $350

Your commission at 70% of $350: $245

See? You make your commission work for you. There are no sales quotas or qualifications required.

Just sell travel, we’ll do the rest.

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